Always VPN

Always VPN
Location: United States
Founded: 2008
VPN Countries Covered: 1
Money Back Guarantee: 0 Days
Price: $8.50




Always VPN is a new type of VPN server which provides the top rated VPN service in the world. People are obliged to access all kinds of website for acquiring knowledge. This alternative server positioned at United States. This alternative server allowances an unlimited access to internet. Some reputed website like Face Book, Wiki leaks, Twitter, The pirate bay etc websites are blocked by some countries. These sorts of activities are against the human rights. To preserve the human rights this surrogate server plays a vital role. For that reason any liable authority cannot notice the user’s access to block websites. This surrogate server is a reliable server for its users. For that reason it is the top rated VPN service in the world. This surrogate server offers liberty to its users. This surrogate server gives the first priority to its users. 


Provisions and Stipulations:

This surrogate server grants some stipulations. For these subsequent stipulations this surrogate server is the top rated VPN service in the world.


*This surrogate server supported by Open VPN protocols.

*This surrogate server positioned at United States.

*The types of this surrogate server are block.

* This surrogate server is restricted at port 25.

* This surrogate server can use at Mac, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Linux

* This surrogate server offers the top rated VPN service to its clients.

*User can pay his or her payment via PayPal or else Credit card.

* This surrogate server has online hold up squad to solve the user’s problem. For that reason user can easily get help from them.

* This surrogate server keeps the clients privacy. For that reason people can use this surrogate server without fear.


Negative Sides:

This surrogate server has some negative sides.

* This surrogate server does not offer free of charge experiment version for its user.

* Sometimes users have to complain for getting double bill

Pricing Package:

This surrogate server has 5 types of package which it provides its user. User must pay fee to use this surrogate server.

*Users are obliged to pay $8.00 for using 5 GB.

*Users have got to pay $15.00 for using 10 GB.

*Users are required to pay $26.00 for using 20 GB.

*Users are obliged to pay $33.00 for using 40 GB.

*Users are required to pay $47.00 for using 80 GB.

This surrogate server is the cheapest VPN server. This surrogate server always updates their server. For that reason if any user want to upload his or her surrogate server at that time he or she can easily use the updating version. For that reason this surrogate server is the top rated VPN service in the world.


Some Basics and Conditions:


Users are required to go after the terms and conditions. Without following these conditions user’s account will end.

* Hacking is not bearable to the all classes of people.
*People always need a clean e-mail ID.
*They can take necessary steps for the security of their own account.
*They should more careful about the activities of spamming.
*Every user must have the admiration about other users.

*Child pornography must be prohibited.

So just be a member of this server and enjoy your full freedom.

VPN IP Types
Shared IP Static Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Billing Cycle
1 Month $ 8.5 - Yes
Payment Methods
Credit Card Yes
Language Supports
English Yes

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