12 VPN

12 VPN
Location: Hong Kong
Founded: 2008
VPN Countries Covered: 8
Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days
Price: $79.00




12VPN is a Hong Kong profitable company. For nice customer service, good financial management & refund policy give 12VPN a strong position. You can use 12VPN by thousands of devices. You can buy VPN trial account for seven days to get the experience of 12VPN service.

VPN means Virtual Privet Network. If you have a cheap VPN account in 12VPN you will be able to establish a privet network between your computer & 12VPN Network. 12VPN helps you to visit any website by hiding your real IP. IP means Internet Protocol. IP address is needed for interface identification & location identification. But, you want to browse safely & anonymously you must have cheap VNP account from 12VPN. You can get VPN trial account seven days to get the experience of 12VPN.


How 12VPN helps you:

·         If you have a cheap VPN account of 12VPN you will be able to hide your regular usage from your local connection. Sometimes it’s need when you use public connection of internet. You can have a VPN trial account from 12VPN to judge the service of 12VPN. If you don’t satisfied with the service you will get 100% money back.

·         Facebook, twitter, YouTube may block in your office or, your country. Cannot use facebook in your office? Don’t worry about this. If you have a cheap VPN account of 12VPN, you will be able to recover this. Then, you can easily use facebook in your office. You can buy a VPN trial account from 12VPN for seven days.

·         For your security sometimes you want to hide your IP address from some sites. 12VPN helps you to hide your IP. Have a cheap VPN account and visit those web site anonymously and obviously 100% safely.

·         Some features of some website may be blocked for you, for your current location. If you use cheap VPN account of 12VPN you will be able to enjoy those features.

·         If you cannot download VPN software from your office pc you can watch 12VPN TV, we will give you Google chrome extinction.

·         You can use 12VPN by your computer, MAC book & android phone.

Pricing Information:

If you want to use IP address of USA you have to pay $79 per year. But, you can use world IP only at $119 per year, then you will be able to use Chicago, Fremont, London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Singapore IP address. You can contact with 12VPN for other countries IP address.

Most important thing is you can get a seven day VPN trial account with 100% money back guarantee.


Pricing Methods:

12VPN accept all kinds of VISA card, master card, PayPal & most other credit cards.


12VPN is one of the most established VPN Company. It has a good relation with its clients. 12VPN use latest technologies so that the customer gets high performance from it. 12VPN blocks bittorrent, emule and other apps for the security of the clients.

So, if you don’t have an account in 12VPN just get it. Then you will be able to see how it works.


VPN Protocols
VPN IP Types
Shared IP Static Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Mac OS X 104 Yes
Mac OS X 105 Yes
Mac OS X 106 Yes
Windows XP Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Supported Devices
Symbian Yes
Smartphone Yes
iPod touch Yes
Android Yes
Windows Mobile Yes
Nokia Yes
Ddwrt Router Yes
Maemo Yes
Billing Cycle
1 Month $ 79 - Yes
Customer Support
Support Ticket Yes
Payment Methods
Credit Card Yes
Master Card Yes
Plimus Yes
Visa Yes

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