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Founded: 2012
VPN Countries Covered: 12
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Flyvpn: Best proxy server of the day

Do you need to hide the IP address of your computer? Do you need to browse the web sites anonymously? There is a solution for you. While browsing in the Internet we find some sites protecting their file from the people of a specific or exact area. The administrator of a web site might block your IP address for any reason. Then if you want how to browse these sites that are blocked. Don't worry. There s a solution for you. You may browse these blocked sites using VPN. VPN means Virtual Privet Network. While using lots of top VPN services it seems too me that Flyvpn is one of the best VPN service. Flyvpn is doing their job with six years experience in software development. They are running the top VPN services since 2006.with a high qualified network service. They have more than hundreds of IPs and servers from the whole world. They are aiming at making people's browsing Internet easier.


Offer services & special features

To be a top VPN services a VPN service needs some minimum qualified features that make the service best VPN service. Flyvpn has some kind of features like.

* While surfing Internet with your real and regular IP you are making a way for tracking you down by the network provider. But by using such kind of best VPN service you might enjoy fully anonymous Internet surfing.

* They offer you full kind of privacy. They will not record your recent activity in their own database.

* They will offer you 7 days trial activation.

* They will also offer you 30 days money back guaranty from the beginning day of valid registration.

* They will offer you real unlimited bandwidth.

*Their program runs swiftly in all kind of operating system like windows (xp, vista or 7), mac, linux and so on.

*They provide 24/7 live customer support to the users.

* Flyvpn is fast enough to use swiftly.

Negative aspects

All the top VPN services have few faults. Although it is the best VPN service it has also some negative sides

* Often their encryption system may fall down which is a temporary problem.

Pricing Information

Flyvpn is cheap enough to use by the people of all stage. It is another reason of being the best VPN service among the top VPN services. Details about the packages have been given below:

* ALL Shared IP VPN: $10/month, $30/3month, $60/6 month, $120/1 year. Allow the server of China, USA, Korea, and Russia and so on.

* Dedicated USA IP VPN : $20/ 1 month,$60 /3 month, 120 dollar for 6 month and for 1 year it costs $240. It allows connection to US server.

* Korea Dedicated IP VPN : It costs $15 for a month $ 45 for 3 months,$90 for 6months and $170 for a year allow the connection to Korean server only.


For more support send your email to them, Hope you guys will enjoy it.


VPN Protocols
L2TP Yes
OpenVPN Yes
VPN IP Types
Dedicated IP Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Windows Yes
iOS Yes
Supported Devices
Android Yes
iTouch Yes

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