Darknet VPN

Darknet VPN
Location: Sweden
Founded: 2009
VPN Countries Covered: 1
Money Back Guarantee: 0 Days
Price: $7.12


Darknet VPN has been acquisitioned by VPNShazam

Dark Net VPN

The Dark Net VPN has been providing vpn service since 2009. Using Dark Net VPN, the client can browse through the internet anonymously and this can be done by protecting his or her identity. This anonymous surfing is possible only because of the encrypted traffic between a user’s computer and the server. More over this VPN provider also lets users to gain access to sites that are blocked in the school, office or country and also to the censored websites. Therefore using this VPN service the client can not only browse anonymously but also he can get access to censored web pages in countries like China. The features of Dark Net VPN are provided below.


The server’s locations of Dark Net is in Sweden. Its supported protocols are

·       OpenVPN

·       PPTP.

For a safe tunneling of the data Dark Net provides these protocols to its users. These protocols are being supported by

·       VOIP

·        HTTP

·       FTP

·       and Torrent.

This VPN provider provides an anonymous IP address to its users and do not keep traffics logs of the users which help to protect the privacy of the customers. While being connected to its server users can open an account anonymously by using a valid email address.

Pricing Package

The VPN services of Dark Net VPN are very moderately charged and therefore individuals who are concerned about the internet privacy can avail this service at an affordable price. It also offers unlimited transfer of data to its customers. The prices for various packages are

·       €5 / month

·       €14 / 3 months

·        €27 / 6 months

·        €49 / 12 months

·        €89 / 2 years.

The payment can be done through credit card.


The range of compatibility also makes Dark Net Provider unique and different from its competitors. With the available protocols of Dark Net VPN it is possible to use their service on leading operating systems and devices such as

·       Android

·        Linux

·       Windows,

·       iOS (iPad, iPhone)

·       Mac OS/X.


Dark Net VPN takes customers very seriously. In order to get the customers’ feedbacks and complaints Dark Net VPN has a separates section in the website. The customers can give their feedbacks or any sort of messages regarding the service through Email. There is also a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section from where customers can get a lot of information. Users can also get technical guidance by contacting instructors online.


Highly Secured

Users can browse anonymously

Blocked or censored site can be accessed

High on compatibility

No traffic Logs are kept


No free trial is offered

Limited supported protocols


Dark Net has gained good reputation since its inception. It has been able to achieve it by delivering quality service to the customers. Therefore if anyone wants to protect his or her privacy in the internet Dark NET VPN can be a good solution for the customers since it works to serve their interest.








VPN Protocols
VPN IP Types
Shared IP Dynamic Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Linux Yes
Billing Cycle
2 Year $ 126.77 - Yes (Best Deal)
3 Month $ 19.94 - Yes
1 Month $ 7.12 - Yes
6 Month $ 38.46 - Yes
1 Year $ 69.8 - Yes
Customer Support
Support Ticket Yes
Payment Methods
American Express Yes
Credit Card Yes
Language Supports
English Yes

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