Citizen VPN

Citizen VPN
Location: Denmark
Founded: 2010
VPN Countries Covered: 3
Money Back Guarantee: 0 Days
Price: $11.00



Citizen VPN


If you are having trouble with using internet and all the measure you took was futile, that means you have the problem with your server. Your servers have the problem not your accessories.

Sometimes, you have trouble logging in Facebook, twitter, or youtube. Sometimes countries ban the use of various kinds of website. Sometimes the entire internet faces restriction. In these cases, you need to have an IP address of your own which can deceive the area wise restriction mechanism. This is when you need service of a VPN service provider. We, the citizen VPN is a quality VPN service provider.


If you are still asking yourself why you need to you use the VPN service Provider, the answer is very simple. Sometimes you need to use youtube and twitter but can not get access to the account and too face login problem. Same goes about the Facebook. When Facebook investigate, they see no problem with their system. So, where is the problem? The problem is that you are using a server that is not very good. If you take the service of one of the best VPN, you can solve this problem.


Citizen VPN lets you use VOIP where the service is restricted. It unblocks the service s as well as maintains the anonymity of your identity. You will be secure too. As we give you the best VPN you will be able to have all the benefits that entail our company.


Why choose Citizen VPN:

# Citizen VPN company is compatible with all kinds of platforms.

# We work with everything you do online and solve the blocking problem including web browsing, mail, Dropbox, Skype, gaming and everything else.

# our user interface is very easy to use we deliver the best VPN experience.

# the installation of our service is seamless and can be done by anyone with minimum computer knowledge

# we help you to use the regionally blocked/restricted sites

# we provide Complete Anonymity for you.

# The connection that we provide will be secure encrypted connection with the best VPN company

# Whatever websites you visit, you will have Security, Anonymity and Unblocked the sites. We promise that as your VPN service provider.


Benefits:  If we are your VPN service provider, than you get certain benefits and the best VPN service. We use high end technologies to give you the service that you want. Our service is highly compatible all the platforms all over the world. Accessibility is one of our greatest options. As a great VPN service provider our target is to give you security at all costs we remove unwanted people who should be on your network. We hide your presence from anyone and from any machine. Our encryption and firewall features are envied by all the technology companies of the world.


All the service that we provide is very much cheap comparing to our quality. We have two types of packages: unlimited and pay as you go. In unlimited it costs only € 9. the month costs € 48 and the 12 month package costs € 84. the pay as you go packages are costlier 10GB package costs € 9, 60GB package costs € 48 and 120GB package costs € 60.


Bad points:  there are not actually any bad points. but the packages seem to be very expensive. But if you use the best VPN of this Citizen VPN you will find they are a good VPN service provider.


Citizen VPN provides the best VPN services. Why not take their services??

VPN IP Types
Shared IP Dynamic Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Solaris Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Windows Yes
Supported Devices
Android Yes
Boxee Yes
Router Yes
Ddwrt Router Yes
iPod Yes
Billing Cycle
1 Month $ 11 - Yes
Customer Support
Email Yes
Live Chat Yes
Support Ticket Yes
Payment Methods
Bank Transfer Yes
Credit Card Yes
Money Order Yes
Wastern Union Yes

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