BreakWall VPN

BreakWall VPN
Founded: 2012
VPN Countries Covered: 3
Money Back Guarantee: 0 Days
Price: $9.00




Break wall VPN service play a great vital role in the virtual world. It provides the one of the top rated VPN service in the world. This proxy server has crossed 4 countries. This VPN service has supported by PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN protocols. This VPN server also situated at Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Japan and United States. It has shared IP address. While we use some browser at that time it hides our IP address. Users can also access block website by the help of this VPN provider.


Services Provides By Break Wall:

Break wall provides some modern ensuing features.

*The types of VPN account is starting from 10 GB and ends at 120 GB per month.

*This VPN Provider does not propose free of charge trial version. That’s why users have to pay some fees monthly.

*It is a good rated VPN service provider because it gives a chance to check examine for 1 week. At this time users have to pay only $1 for trail.

*User can pay his/her payment via PayPal as well as Credit card.

*This VPN provider is one of the top rated VPN service because it makes sure the user’s security.

*This VPN provider does not keep user’s private data.

*This VPN provider does not accept Bittorent.

*This VPN provider can be used with the Windows, Linux along with Mac.


Pricing Package:

If any user desires to use this VPN provider he or she needs to pay monthly fee.

* For using 10 GB user must pay $4.50 per month. This is its business package.

*For using 30 GB users must pay $7.50 per month and for using 120 GB users should pay only $15.


Users are obliged to obey the terms and circumstances of this VPN provider. If anyone be unsuccessful to follow the system his or her account should be disqualified.

Following Terms Have Got To Ensue By The Users:

* Any user should not entry to illicitly other computer.

*Users are supposed to not hinder with this proxy server services.

*Users must not perturb its service.

* If anyone doing any kinds of unlawful activities his or her account is supposed to finish.

* All types of spamming should be forbidden.

*Sharing of offensive news is prohibited.

* Allowance of viruses should not be allowed.

*Any illegal behavior should be proscribed.

*Uploading child pornography should be expelled.


This VPN provider gives freedom to its users to entrée any blocked websites. For that reason users can uprising their voice via internet against all kinds of injustice. These activities also help them to protect their rights. This VPN provider is the one of the cheapest VPN service in the world. For that reason lots of people from different countries use this VPN provider to easy access the blocked websites. 

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