Boxpn VPN

Boxpn VPN
Location: Turkey
Founded: 2011
VPN Countries Covered: 14
Money Back Guarantee: 0 Days
Price: $5.99



                                         Boxpn: The Best VPN Service Online

Boxpn is a brand of Cakinberk Telekom Ltd. Sti., and they have been providing VPN service to their customers since 1998. At present the company has a VPN network at many countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Australia and many more, and have successfully been acknowledged as a top VPN service company.


Services and Features

·         They have dedicated USA, UK and EU-based IP to each of their users that gives them a good anonymity over the internet.

·         Their easy-to-use software system does not need any installation.

·         This VPN service company uses a 2048bit encryption system that secures the identity of the users in a better manner, even when the user uses internet in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

·         Their top VPN service includes high end HP and Fujitsu servers with good CPUs. There is also a certainty of good quality service since they have a world-class carrier making the service more available to a larger portion of population.

·         They have both PPTP and L2TP VPN system for their users.

·         Their software supports all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

·         Their highly devised security system is also available for smatphones and iPads, and the users can be assured about their safety while surfing with these.

·         They have dedicated and expert technicians working under them to respond to any queries made by the users if any unplanned problems occur.

·         They have a step-by-step instruction on their website showing the users how to use their software.



However, this top VPN service provider has a drawback of its own. Although they have accumulated all sorts of high end technology to meet the demands of their customers, they do not have OpenVPN or IPsec system enabled. OpenVPN is a highly efficient identity hider, and because of the lack of this component, many users show a reluctance of buying service from this top VPN service company.


Pricing Information

This top VPN service company has arranged of a simply plan for their users while considering their budget and needs. Being a VPN service provider does not only mean that they would capture more and more money from the users in exchange of poor quality service, and Boxpn knows it well. They have prepared their plans in a manner that lets the users enjoy the most out of their service with a reasonable price to pay. To get their service one simply needs to sign up for an account on their website, and upon filling a form and submitting it, a user can choose the following program for his/her personal use.

·         Anti-malware and Antivirus: $0.99/month

·         For smartphone or iPad: $1.99/month, with PPTP and L2TP connection

·         Monthly: $3.75/month with all features included.


Despite having some limitations, users are seldom seen enjoying this product because of their efficient VPN service, and there has been lots of recommendations regarding this product. Boxpn is currently deciding to expand further, and use their well-equipped supply of technology even more to ensure the highest of security for their users, and seeing their progress, we can undoubtedly expect so from this top VPN service company.

VPN Protocols
L2PT Yes
VPN IP Types
Shared IP Dynamic Yes
Shared IP Static Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Windows Yes
Supported Devices
iPhone Yes
iPad Yes
Android Yes
Windows Mobile Yes
Boxee Yes
Router Yes
xBox 360 Yes
Ddwrt Router Yes
iPod Yes
Billing Cycle
1 Month $5.99 - Yes

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