IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN
Location: United States
Founded: 2010
VPN Countries Covered: 47
Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days
Price: $6.49


Editor Top Choice: 

When Ordering you will get an account with 2 simultaneous connections so you can use on 2 PCs in the same time... Why Not to share with family or Friend!!

"Allows multiple devices to be logged in from multiple locations simultaneously as long as they dont share the same server and protocol*

IPVanish: The Complete Protection Online

IPVanish is an online security and VPN service company that sells VPN accounts in 47 countries (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Japan, China, India, Spain, Belgium, Malaysia, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Australia, Panama and many more). They have offices in North America and Europe, and with more than 15 years of experience, they have dedicated VPN system that serves the customers better than any other existing company with the same purpose.

Services and Features

.       IPVanish currently has 14,000+ IPs on 110+ servers in 47 countries

·         2 simultaneous connections to secure multiple devices or to share with family/friends 

·         Unlimited VPN use + unlimited server switching

·         The fastest and most redundant VPN network in Europe and N. America (also expanding into Asia and S. America) 

·         Direct access to IPVanish's tier-1 VPN network (meaning IPVanish owns and operates its own infrastructure, software, etc.) 

·         IPVanish uses the best encryption system and the identity of their user is hidden from the world at all costs.

·         The user is in complete control of the IP that will represent him/her, and they can choose any IP that they prefer.

·         Their VPN service allows the users to control their data and also to decide how much of their data should be shared with pubic and how much.

·         Their VPN accounts can also used to block unwanted marketing and promotional offers made to a particular customer, since he can easily switch his/her IP.

·         Surfing at Wi-Fi hotspot has never been easier. IPVanish ensures the prevention of unauthorized access to the private data of their users and so they can surf the internet anywhere they want.

·         Their application is user-friendly and easy to setup. The connection building is also easier than most others.

·         Users also do not have to think about their safety while they are travelling as they are provided with service around the globe.

·         A IPVanish VPN account can be used as a virtual firewall to prevent hacking and monitoring.

·         Their VPN service is suitable for computers as well as smartphones, and also run on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

·         They have dedicated technicians and mail support, live chat and support forum provided for customer support.

·         Free VPN software


Negative Aspects!!

We didn’t notice any negative Aspects about them lately. they solved many of the negative aspects which they had before and now we give them a higher rank as they always work with their clients to solve problems. Also in the same time they are working to upgrade their systems and software to make it easier for end user use. One of the best vpn Providers who take feedback from clients and developers and work hard to find solutions and fix the issue in a real time.  

Pricing Information

IPVanish tries to provide the best services in the lowest possible price. They accept all sorts of online payment including PayPal. They have devised the following plans for their users.

·         1 month package: $10.00, with a chance to save 17%

·         3 months package: $26.99, with a chance to save 25%

·         1 year package: $77.99, with a chance to save 46%

In this modern age of virtual dependence, the question of the safety of identity has become crucial, and it is imperative that the users take proper measures to make sure that their private data is well secured from any surveillance. There are many VPN service providers working for this purpose, but very few actually provide what they promise. The case is not the same for IPVanish. With their advanced features and well equipped VPN accounts, one can be fully assured that their valuable identity in in safe hands.

VPN Protocols
IPSec Yes
L2PT Yes
OpenVPN Yes
VPN IP Types
Dedicated IP No
Shared IP Yes
Shared IP Dynamic Yes
Shared IP Static No
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Windows Yes
Linux Yes
iOS Yes
Android Yes
Symbian Yes
Supported Devices
iPhone Yes
iPad Yes
iPod touch Yes
Android Yes
Windows Mobile Yes
Boxee Yes
Ddwrt Router Yes
Billing Cycle
3 Month $26.99 - Yes
1 Month $10.00 - Yes
1 Year $77.99 - Yes

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