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           HotVPN: best private proxy server

If you are on the necessity of hiding the IP address of your pc and if you want to browse internet anonymously, you are on the need of the best VPN services. Because lots of web sites are here who provide their content for the user of a particular region. Lots of web sites block their content for particular region. So for browsing those sites you need some VPN sites. A question may rise in your mind that what is a VPN service. VPN is virtual private network. It is a technology of network which provides a safe network connection that is over a public network connection providing by a network provider. A VPN connection can connect with multiple sites over a big distance just like WAN. HotVPN may be an option for you.


Positive features & offered service

HotVPN is a private VPN service. It is the best VPN services because of the features that they have provided to their user. Some of them are given below.


*While logging on your regular IP address there is a way for the network provider to track down you. But using this private VPN service, you may browse anonymously. They provide you full privacy. They did not record your activities in their database.


* There is a sample of tutorial for users to learn to use VPN service.


*They charge very little amount to the users and can be renewed anytime


*The program works nicely on all kind of operating system like windows xp or 7 or 8, linux or ios.


* This private VPN service provides you the unlimited downloading speed within your purchased VPN services.


* They support 2048 bit encryption.


* Their service is 100% virus and malware protected.


* offering live support for 24/7.


For these special features hot VPN is known as one of the best VPN services.


Negative aspects

Though we are counting it one of the best VPN services but this private VPN services has also some negative aspects like:


* Some times encryption system may break down then temporarily and it may cause a crisis to the users.


* Using their service some people may create inappropriate work.


In spite of having these problems we can count it one of the best VPN services.  

Pricing Information

This private VPN service is very much famous and likely for their pricing conditions. With the low price they ensure no connection slow down. Their payment system is like below.


* Standard Anonymity: That costs 11.99 dollar per month. It also support 2 month,3 month, 6 month and 1 year registration.


* Pro Anonymity: That costs only 25.99 dollar per month. It gets you connected with two VPN servers according to your choice.


* Crazy Anonymity: It will cost $49.99 that will get you connected wit four VPN service.


This cost rate makes this it one of the best VPN services. In the world of virtual life hotVPN has such an influence over the users to get anonymous activity clients given them the respects of the best VPN services.



VPN Protocols
OpenVPN Yes
VPN IP Types
Shared IP Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Windows Yes
Android Yes
Supported Devices
iPhone Yes
iPad Yes
Android Yes
Billing Cycle
1 Month $ 25.99 - Yes
Customer Support
Call Yes
Email Yes
Language Supports
English Yes

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