Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass
Location: United Kingdom
Founded: 2005
VPN Countries Covered: 53
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Price: $6.55


Hide my ass (HMA)

Hide My Ass in a free web proxy server that allows its users to perform activities over the internet while keeping their identities to themselves. Founded in 2005 and its headquarters set in the United Kingdom, Hide My Ass has managed to render VPN services to 53 countries till date (USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, South America, Egypt and many others), and offering VPN accounts with superior services that has won them the 2013 Editor’s Choice Awards.

Hide My Ass provides a wide range of features to its customers, and some of the major ones include as follows.

·          Free web proxy and a large database of IP: PORT proxy lists.

·          It allows the inflow of emails to its customers under anonymous identity.

·         Offers free software, tools and browsers to enhance the safety of the VPN accounts of the users.

·         Its advanced privacy features of their VPN services are designed in a way that lets the users upload larger volume of files, and also keep hold of the right to decide the visibility of these files to general people.

·         Its free distributed, easy-to-use software is compatible with all applications, and has gained popularity in a very short time.

·         Moreover, its customers are greatly satisfied because of great VPN client interface.

·         The server allows quick connecting and switching, and the option of auto connect on startup is also available.

·         It has enabled multiple billing and payment options for its users, and upon finding it unworthy, they can report and get their money back within 30-day period.

However, this super-server also comes with some drawbacks of its own.

·          Many users have reported missing external IP while using their services.

·         A lagging in the speed is also noticeable at times.


Pricing Information

On their homepage, Hide My Ass has enabled a feature that allows the users to surf free while keeping their identity unbeknownst to the web world. However, for a better and secured system, one has to sign up for their VPN services in exchange of a certain fee, and get access to their long—desired VPN account. They offer online payment VISA Card, Master Card and American Express. However, other payment methods can also be requested and a full list of these methods is available on their website. Hide My Ass has devised the following plans for their customers.

·         1 Month: $11.52, 30-day money back guarantee included.

·         6 Months: $49.99 at the rate of $8.33/month while saving 27%, with 30-day money back guarantee included.

·         1 Year: $78.66 at the rate of $6.55/month while saving 43%, with 30-day money back guarantee included.

Despite the drawbacks, the positive aspects of Hide May Ass remain to reign over the negative ones, and undoubtedly can be indicated as the best VPN service out there. The dedicated VPN accounts add enough safety measures to the users’ data, and let them enjoy a hassle-free browsing experience.

VPN Protocols
IPSec Yes
L2PT Yes
OpenVPN Yes
VPN IP Types
Dedicated IP Yes
Shared IP Yes
Shared IP Dynamic Yes
Shared IP Static Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Windows Yes
Linux Yes
iOS Yes
Android Yes
Unix Yes
Maemo Yes
Symbian Yes
Supported Devices
Smartphone Yes
iPhone Yes
iPad Yes
Android Yes
Windows Mobile Yes
Boxee Yes
Blackberry Yes
Router Yes
xBox 360 Yes
Nokia Yes
iTouch Yes
Ddwrt Router Yes
Maemo Yes
iPod Yes
Billing Cycle
1 Month $ 6.55 - Yes
6 Month $ 8.33/month - Yes
1 Year $ 6.55/month - Yes

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