Dedicated VPN

Dedicated VPN Service – An Outlook

When we talk about the VPN services, a dedicated VPN today provides numerous features to its users apart from the trusted online security while browsing the internet. Because of the recent mishaps in the online world pertaining to hacking and identity theft, it has now indeed become a necessity for the online users to chose go for a dedicated VPN instead of a static one.

Of course in the name of online security, so many other tools are being utilized like proxy servers, firewalls, anti-virus etc., however all that effort may go waste once your data is extracted from your system. And that’s where the point of getting a dedicated IP VPN comes into play. This system only allows the encrypted files/data to flow through the internet tunnel thus providing you an impregnable solution.

What is Dedicated VPN?

Moving further with the exact explanation, first all of it is required to know that what an IP address is. An IP address is basically provided by your ISP in order to use the internet, which serves as your unique identity online and also helps in online communication with others. Once somebody subscribes to a dedicated VPN, an exclusive IP address is allocated to you and it cannot be shared by anybody and only used by you.

Privacy & Accessing Geo-restricted Streaming Sites

Since this IP being generated for you on remote server from another country, you are able to browse anonymously. As a result the identity thieves or hackers are never able to track you down and extract your data. In all, your data and other log details remain protected and secure.

On top of it, by utilizing a dedicated VPN service becomes quite handy in bypassing the content restrictions for several websites. Further, apart from the unblocking feature for smooth access, a dedicated IP VPN can also help out the expats in subscribing to an IP address of a country of which they want to stream the sites.


VPNShazam is a good dedicated IPs vpn provider. they offer dedicated IPs from 39+ countries for a very good and compatitive price.

IPvanish also is a good dedicated vpn accounts provider.

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