Location: Germany
Founded: 2012
VPN Countries Covered: 3
Money Back Guarantee: 1 Days
Price: $6.95


                                      BTGuard: Proxy Server of the Generation

BTGuard is a Canada based service that provides high-quality VPN services to its customers, and has servers is Toronto (Canada), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Singapore. Their major providers include Level3, Deutsch Telekom, NTT Communications, Telia, Teleglobe, Global Crossing, Tiscali and Cogent Communications. Dispersed over a wide portion of the area in which it serves, BTGuard ensures quality VPN accounts with the best service, and is listed among the best VPN servers till date.


Services Offered and Positive Features

BTGuard provides the following services to its customers.

·         BTGuard has arranged a system of Bittorent animosity for their customers. Upon logging in with their regular IP addresses, the users run the risk of their private data being tracked by their internet service providers. But BTGuard users have a certain advantage over them because BTGuard provides them with support and anonymous identity while downloading with Bittorent.

·         BTGuard supports bypass throttling.

·         BTGuard users can enjoy unlimited speed and download with their purchased VPN service.

·         The installation process of BTGuard is very simple and user-friendly, and users only have to download it to get started.

·         The VPN accounts provided by BTGuard maintain full privacy of their users, and no record of the activities is recorded in their database.

·         BTGuard supports 256-bit encryption system, proving it to be the best VPN server.

·         Its VPN includes Open VPN and PPTP.

·         Their main servers are located in Canada, Europe and Asia, and are dispersing quickly to other areas of the world.

·         Their program works well with all types of platform, such as Windows, iOS, Linux and is suitable for hiding identity the best when used for activities in Bittorent.

·         There are ample tutorials on the website that demonstrates the process of installation and usage for the users who have bought their VPN service.

·         They charge a very small amount of money in exchange of VPN accounts, and can be renewable anytime of the year.


Negative Aspects

Despite of being indicated as the best VPN server of the next-gen, BTGuard comes with some drawbacks of its own.

·         Many customers have complained of being double billed by BTGuard.

·         Often the encryption system breaks, causing temporary crisis to the users.

·         There is a lack of customer support since they do not provide them for 24 hours 7 days a week. A lot of customers have felt the necessity to contact the professionals in times of need and have failed to do so. Of course the techs are available, but they respond late.


Pricing Information

BTGuard VPN service lets its customer to acquire VPN accounts in exchange of a very small fee. Like the other best VPN servers, BTGuard has tried to the fullest to ensure that its pricing can meet the budget of the users and suits their purpose well. They accept all sorts of online payment that includes major payment cards and also PayPal.

BTGuard supplies the following two programs for their valuable customers.

·         Bittorent Proxy: $6.95/month. Offer is also available for time periods of 3, 6 and 1 months that lets the users enjoy a saving of 5%, 15% and 25% respectively.

·         VPN: $9.95/month. This offers also provided similar saving plans as the program above.


In the hassle of today’s virtual life, the security of identity is a crucial thing. BTGuard has put its best foot forward to provide its VPN services so that their clients can get the best VPN accounts, and they can acclaim the honor of the best VPN server of the generation.

VPN Protocols
OpenVPN Yes
VPN IP Types
Shared IP Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Windows Yes
Linux Yes
Customer Support
Support Ticket Yes
Payment Methods
American Express Yes
Master Card Yes
Paypal Yes
Visa Yes
Language Supports
English Yes

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